what’s with the book link?

Many of you are aware that I’ve started my own company, Traylor Creative, Inc. While it is ostensibly focused on website and communications for churches, non-profits and small businesses, it’s really designed to be a catch-all company for everything that I find live-giving and hopefully can find some way of making income from. Since I love blog writing, I’m trying to find ways of making it pay me a bit–at least enough to justify spending time posting.

With that in mind, I’ve just joined the Amazon Affiliate program. It’s actually a great fit with my site–I’m always recommending books anyway, and if you click and purchase a book through a link on my site, I get a small amount of money for referring you.

So check out the bookstore–I’ve read ALL these books and recommend them (though I admit to remembering some better than others). I’m especially interested in providing great recommendations to spiritual directors and directees, so please, let me know if you have any recommendations or suggestions for additions!

In addition, as I create blogposts, if there is a book that seems appropriate to recommend, I’ll drop it right into the post. Please let me know you find a book suggestion to be disruptive or unrelated to the post itself.

Finally, I plan to begin adding book reviews to my regular rotation of blogposts. I’d love to hear your suggestions for books to consider! In general, I will stick to reviewing books on Christian spirituality and the spiritual journey.

Check out the bookstore!