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    holy-week-rehearsalOur church as just concluded Holy Week, entering Jerusalem triumphantly with Christ on Palm Sunday, having our feet washed, feasting on the Lord’s supper with him, watching and praying with him in the garden at Gethsemane, standing by helplessly as he was crucified and being witnesses to his glorious resurrection. If that sounds like a lot to fit into a week, you’re right—and we’re only experiencing it second-hand! I can only imagine the turmoil of the disciples as their hopes escalated, were dashed, crushed and then resurrected with Christ.

    This year more than any other I felt caught up in the story. At our Easter dinner, my husband asked the question, “What was your favorite part of Holy Week?” A friend responded, “I just loved the journey this year.” So did I.

    If you want to get technical, you could say the point of Holy Week is Christ’s death and resurrection. Without those two things, there would be no reason to be a Christian! But walking through Holy Week with Christ reminds us that the Good News is the story of God’s saving work in history, culminating with the work of Christ, but ending in a new heaven and earth. The facts of what Christ has done become nuanced, enfleshed, memorable and sharable. Christ becomes a guy we know, an amazing man, who also happens to be God, who is the most incredible person that ever lived. And you have got to meet him. Have you?

    I’m glad this year there is no one big moment that was my favorite. I’m so glad that what I’m taking away from Holy Week this year is a greater appreciation for Christ’s journey that week, for what he did to prepare us, for how he got to the cross, how death couldn’t contain all the life of God and how joy always comes in the morning.

    How did God meet you this Holy Week?

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