• A welcome interruption

    Today I work on blog promotion, growing my Twitter follows, whether to post to Facebook, Twitter or both. I sift through WordPress categories to find like-minded bloggers, I can’t even find a category for “Religious”–just “Photography,” “Music,” “Food,” “Travel.” Lots of activities. I am struck by the disconnection, the random thoughts, the shouting attempts at attention that these words represent. I came to this work with the same busy thoughts but find myself slowing down, looking at the categories, marveling at what hobbies people find their passion in. I am conscious of sadness, that some of these activities are the way of being for these people, that there is no more than the next photograph, the next good meal, the next dance.

    My spirit is checked. I see myself in the categories, the cries for attention, the lack of focus. Lord, let my writing be for your glory, not my own. Soli Deo gloria!

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